What’s The Latest Protein Craze? Pea Protein!

Find out why #peaprotein is taking over the aisle for protein rich snacks and beverages. Just when you thought whey protein was "as good as it gets" for getting 30g of protein in one serving, pea protein is now becoming more popular than #JustinBieber signing autographs at a #Lole store! https://www.wellandgood.com/good-food/pea-protein/

Keeping the Weight Off Through the Holiday Season

As the year starts to wind down, many of us are looking at our waistlines and wondering if all the hard work from 2017 will hold through the hectic and party filled holiday season. Between Halloween candy and New Year's Eve toasts, there are thousands of calories tempting us all to indulge and celebrate with food [...]

Who Needs to Stay Focused and Energized All Day Long?

We believe that people in motion should have easy access to healthy snacks and beverages along with traditional favorites in modest portions. Sleepy Cricket Healthy Vending can accommodate the dietary restrictions and special preferences for your facility. We can help you determine if you need a monthly snack box, self-serve micro-market or a combination vending machine. [...]