Why #Facebook is still #Fakebook For Nutrition Advice

We all have well meaning friends who post eye-catching headlines and images on Facebook that tempt us to click for nutrition tips. But is Facebook a good source for health information?

According to a recent article in “Men’s Health”, most of the health and nutrition posts on Facebook are just as dubious as the political content. Before you start another¬† “juice cleanse”, double your food budget with nothing-but-organic produce,¬† jump on the keto-diet or contemplate eliminating bananas from your life – read this!

Isn’t it easier just to swing you back to a common sense diet of fruit, vegetables, legumes, lean protein, traditional dairy products and whole grains? Sure, you might have to consult a physician regarding food sensitivities. But for most of us, a diet focused on eating sensible portions of whole foods can allow us to meet our nutritional needs on a reasonable budget. Click below to debunk the most common Facebook diet myths.




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