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1. How long does it take for me to have a new Sleepy Cricket vending machine at my location?

Once a contract is signed between you and The Sleepy Cricket, it takes about 3 weeks for delivery.

2. What if I’m not sure all my customers, employees and/or students will like the healthier products? Our people drink bottles of Mountain Dew a day and love their Doritos and M&Ms!

Change is always hard. We suggest removing your existing vending options prior to adding healthier vending. People can always make a choice between the items that you have available and find something they will enjoy. Try not to worry. You can start with a machine that stocks only 25% healthier choices and gradually move toward 100% healthier vending options over time. Don’t underestimate how familiar people already are with these products. Most of them are currently available at convenience stores, grocery stores, airports and snack bars already.

3. How big is the machine and how much does it cost to run it? 

The machine is 35″W x 30″D x 76″H. It is an EPA rated energy efficient machine that generally uses about $15-$20/month in power. While it has not yet been rated by “Energy Star” or “Energy Mizer” the LED lighting and low amp usage are well within guidelines for energy efficiency.

4. What about safety and insurance?

Each vending machine uses a modern 120V outlet. We provide a surge protector and coasters (for the feet of the machine) to protect your floor.

Each vending machine is insured for the specific address where it is placed. Please ask your representative for a copy of the policy for the details.

5. What about expired products? How will I know if you are providing fresh products or out of date products purchased at a discount?

All products are labeled with their expiration date. As of 2015, The Sleepy Cricket uses “just in time” purchasing and stocking to maintain an inventory that is well within its shelf life. Also, as a smaller company, we have the ability to start with minimum par levels to determine interest in the various products before committing to filling a machine to its full capacity. In other words, if no one buys a particular product it can quickly be removed and replaced with something else until we find something that people will choose to purchase!

6. Ok, I’m interested. Now what?

Please contact us directly for more information and to schedule a time to learn more and determine if this free service is a perfect fit for your location.

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