How to Make the Most of Your Local Farmer’s Market!

Making the Most of Your Local Farmer’s Market: A Primer on How to Buy The Best Produce!

Visiting a Farmer’s Market is both a joy and a challenging task.  If you’re anything like me, you are seduced by the variety of colors, textures and flavors available.  As you walk the aisles, your mind fills with recipes requiring the maximum variety of vegetables like ratatouille, gazpacho, or caponata.

Keep in mind that not all Farmer’s Markets carry only locally grown produce. For the freshest selections, try to shop according to the local harvest schedule.  A great tool for this is a “harvest calendar”. Check out the harvest calendar for your state with this link.

Also, for additional tips on Farmer’s Market Shopping check out this link to an article in The Spruce offering Produce 101.