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Business / Industrial

Does your business or manufacturing facility offer a “health and wellness program” to your employees?  Have you considered how small adjustments in eating and daily physical activity can impact morale, absenteeism, and the general health and well being of your employees? Has your vending company added a couple of “healthier” products to their machines that always seem to be sold out?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the time is right to update your break areas with healthy vending.

Do not underestimate your employee’s receptivity to healthier snacks and beverages.   Most convenience stores, airports, grocery stores and entertainment locations already sell these products and are expanding their organic and healthy food sections.

The Sleepy Cricket has access to best practices from over 1000 healthy vending locations across the United States that have made a permanent switch to healthy vending.  Let us help you determine the best way to transition to 100% healthier vending and offer tools and resources to make the change go smoothly. Contact us to learn more!

Auto Dealers

Today’s customers want healthy options while they wait for needed car services. A new and comfortable seating area includes wifi as well as healthy snacks and beverages.

Today’s auto dealers offer cars and trucks to match the lifestyles of customers. Reflecting the public’s appetite for both luxury and economy, the auto industry continues to respond to changing tastes and individual needs. Customer waiting areas are now a reflection of the auto brand with comfortable seating and modern design. The addition of healthy vending can be an integral part of branding health, wellness, safety, eco-friendly technology and convenience. Contact us to learn more!

Non For Profit/NGOs

As a social enterprise, there is nothing that makes us happier at The Sleepy Cricket than working with not-for-profit or non-governmental service organizations. While healthy vending fits in to a healthy, balanced lifestyle it is more important than ever to lead by example and offer good snack and beverage choices to both staff members and the communities served by these agencies.

In addition, we want to do more with our non-profit locations.   We helped a charter school procure donations to provide a nutritious breakfast every day of the school year to 75% of the student population who are living at our below the US poverty level.   We’ve offered nutrition education to teens and reviewed the benefits of a low sugar and no trans fat diet as part of interactive learning.  As we grow, we hope to do even more to support healthy eating. Contact us to learn more!

Public Entity

Often in budget-constrained environments, public sector entities must balance pursuing opportunities with addressing community needs.   As health and wellness continue to be a priority, it is more important than ever for local, state, and federal buildings to lead by example and offer healthy snack and beverage choices to both employees and the people they serve.

Sleepy Cricket Healthy Vending is the sole source provider of healthy snacks and beverages for Washtenaw County.  Selected as part of a competitive bid process, Sleepy Cricket Healthy Vending is compliant with some of the most rigorous vending guidelines in the US as established by the Washtenaw County Health Department.

As a woman owned business based in Washtenaw County, Sleepy Cricket Healthy Vending will allow your public sector agency to do well while doing good. Contact us to learn more!

Include us in your upcoming bid process!

Recreational Facilities

Healthy snacks and beverages are an important part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.   While many gyms offer fresh fruit smoothies made to order, others lack the kitchen facilities to meet health department standards and look to vending to provide options to their active customers.    For dedicated athletic facilities, dance studios, and niche fitness facilities healthy vending assures that your athletes have access to healthy options when they need them to refuel and hydrate.

The Sleepy Cricket can provide a full range of high protein, low fat, low sodium products to meet the needs of serious athletes, weekend warriors and everyone in between.   Current options include: high protein/low fat/low sodium drinks, organic fruit and whey powder blends, a variety of purified waters (with or without electrolytes), 100% juice, freeze dried fruit without additives or preservatives, roasted nuts and fresh seeds, low sodium dried meats/jerky, as well as snack bars that can meet the full range of dietary restrictions and customer preference. Contact us to learn more!


Schools throughout the state of Michigan are working hard to create healthier nutrition environments for students. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, administrator, or community member, it is important to get involved in school-based initiatives targeting the health of our children. Healthy Vending can provide students and student athletes with better choices between meals.

The challenge for involved parents or guardians is to look past financial incentives provided by global brands, and put the nutritional needs of young adults first.  The multi-national snack and soda companies rely heavily on corn based sweeteners, additives, salt, preservatives, and trans fat to boost flavor and increase sales.  Healthy vending can offer appropriate portion sizes and whole foods to help kids get the energy they need without sacrificing nutritional value.

Bringing healthy vending to public school systems, private and public colleges and universities can be a challenging task. Contact us today to develop a strategy for moving to delicious whole foods and tasty beverages with plant based sweeteners and flavors.

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