Starting A Healthy Vending Business

Are you contemplating starting your own healthy vending business?  Maybe you’ve checked out #healthyuvending, #healthier4uvending, #mykarmabox, #growhealthyvending, #freshvending or any of the myriad other companies offering to secure locations for you and sell you equipment to start your own small healthy vending business.  Before you cash a CD, or pool money with a few friends and family members, click the link and read this great article.

Then stick around for a fool-proof guide and all the tools you need to be successful in the healthy vending business.

The Truth About the Vending Business

Want even more information on starting a healthy vending business?

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing our actual experiences during the first three years of owning and operating our small, profitable vending business.  I’ll share the truths about work hours, start-up costs, ROI, inventory, labor and scoring great locations.   We’ll separate the ‘fact’ from the ‘hype’ and open our books so you can see what it really takes to start a small healthy vending company and be successful.


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